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Saint Sophrony's Life

Poza icoana noua Sf. Sofronie

On the eleventh day of the month of the July is the celebration of our venerable, God-bearing Father Sophrony the Athonite, founder of the Holy Stavropegial Monastery of the blessed, most honorable prophet St John the Baptist, in Essex, United Kingdom, where he reposed in the Lord in the year 1993.

Our Father Sophrony was born in 1897 in Moscow, Russia – a land that brought forth many saints – where he spent the years of his youth. As the offspring of a pious family, he was raised in the knowledge and presence of God and he experienced the Uncreated Light while still being an infant. He studied at the Superior Art School of Moscow, where he learned painting.

Unsatisfied with a Christian teaching lacking in the depth of faith, as a young man he searched with great longing for the knowledge of the Absolute being in the mysticism of the oriental religions. Not finding solace in their delusion, he came to discover the wonderous, evangelical law of love which is the communion with the personal God of the Christians. It is He who he knew in the Holy Spirit through the biblical word of the revelation on Mount Sinai, “I am that I am”.