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Donations for REPAIRING the SCHOOL

On the night of 5 February this year, our school was affected by a major fire. There were no fatalities, but all classrooms were damaged, either directly due to the fire or due to the tons of water used to extinguish the fire. The school children were temporarily relocated to local state school classrooms, thanks to the prompt help of Mayor Danny Vangoidtsenhoven, to whom we are grateful.

Those who wish to support the work of refurbishment and repairing of the school can do so by transferring the money to the account of the association that manages the school:


IBAN: BE50 7360 2390 5918

Or directly on Paypal via the button below:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and prayers.
The team of “Saints Silouan and Sophrony” High School