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Founder's Foreword

Cuvantul fondatorului

The Vision

„Saints Siluan and Sophrony” High
School is a private school, unsubsidized by the state and located in Huldenberg, Belgium. Our pedagogic  approach is classical in nature, having a specific Christian worldview. The idea of starting this school came about in 2011 at the same time with the founding of the “All Saints” Parish. A small group of friends began to seriously consider the problem of raising and educating our children. We understood the need for a balance and synergy between the three components that constitute a solid education: family, school and church. We realized that for the harmonious upbringing of a Christian child, there must be a coherence, a continuity between the educational elements coming from these three directions that mold his soul. When things are not so, it is much more difficult for children to find fulfillment, to find their way in life , to believe in themselves, in God and in people.

We began to search for such a school, but it was nowhere to be found. As such, after a few years of prayers, unrest , searching and discussions , in the autumn of 2016, we founded “Saints Silouan and Sophrony” High School ourselves, after many serendipities  that are worthy of a “divine plot”. That is, despite our shortcomings and against all obstacles and doubts surrounding us, we felt, without any room for interpretation that it was the will of God that the founding this school becomes reality. We felt that we received the most help from Saint Silouan the Athonite and his disicple, Saint Sophrony from Essex Monastery (we have a very special, brotherly bondwith his monastery in Essex). Because of this and also because we wish for the children passing through our school to obtain true joy and wisdom, just as the two great Holy Men did, we gave the school their name

The Search

The Beginning

In the first year, the five students were learning in a room of a house belonging to one of the “founding parents”.  Aside from all the effort at the beginning of the road (finding teachers and funds necessary to our functioning, establishing our curriculum etc.,) we were looking for a suitable building for our school project. This proved to be quite difficult. But, with the blessing and prayers of some great spiritual fathers of our time (Fr. Emilianos of Simonos Petra, Fr. Zacharias of Essex, Fr. Ephraim of Vatopedi) , with enormous sacrifices from the group of parents and with the help of our friends , in 2017 we succeeded in buying and renovating a building for the school(a wing of a former catholic convent). We moved to this wonderous location on 20th of January 2019

Ever since then, the number of children in our school has grown. We founded a kindergarten and, in the fall of 2020, we inaugurated courses for our newly opened high school section. Our pedagogical team has grown stronger. And, with each passing day, we feel we are swept in the torrent of an ever greater river that flows upward, toward Heaven. And we are happy. Because we have been assured again and again that God is Love. For He is the One who works in you to will and to act on behalf of His good pleasure. Because we have learned that man can obtain any good thing he wants, if he persists in faith and if it is of use to him. We do everything within our power and just add a dash of love on top. For all the rest, the Lord provides.

The Hope