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How we see things

Christ above all things!

In our school, the education we offer to the children is built on the understanding that we inherit in the Orthodox Church about what is the sense of life is, an understanding about man and about the world.We wish to help our children desire the Kingdom of Heaven. This idea is at the foundation of our school.  Our God is the God of truth, and He said, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things (that is, jobs, careers, houses, cars, etc) shall be added to you”. This prioritization is extremely important

In our school, it is not academic results that are essential, but rather finding a purpose in the things that are learned at school. The target is the acquisition of the instruments and skills that are essential in the process of learning. The information that the children receive at school has to be transformed into life lessons lead to the child’s fulfilment. Behind everything that exists is a guiding principle that comes from God, the Creator of everything. The process of education is not a simple transmission of information, but rather the transformation of information into transcendental values. This way, the child will intuitively feel the metaphysical substrate of good and of bad and will be able to make choices in life conscious of the consequences that arise from each of their choices

A transcendental Purpose: Let us lift up our hearts!

Transversal meaning: the same lifegiving force reflected  in all that exists – The Devine Word

The purpose of the school is to help the child enter the wonderful world of God, to help him make associations and links between the knowledge received across the different subjects. In this way, the child is led toward the unique, divine principle that unites everything. In other words, the pupils are helped to find God, to find the Good, the Beautiful, harmony in everything they learn, in an inter-disciplinary manner.

We have thought out our school as a greenhouse that offers to young plants, still vulnerable and fragile, the conditions to grow in a healthy manner, to become strong, capable of confronting the cold and wind out in the world. No matter how much parents wish to protect their child from the encounter with the evil in this world, one day this encounter will take place. On the one hand, we have to understand that this cannot be avoided; on the other hand, it is important that the children know what is waiting for them and that they should not be afraid, they should trust the strength that they have, a strength that comes from their own choices, from their faith and from the education they received.

Preparation for life: school as a greenhouse