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People can be pens with which God writes His stories in the history of the world


We started our school in 2016, with just five children, in the room of a house belonging to one of the families that understood the importance of this endeavor.

At the beginning of 2018, we lived the joy of opening the headquarters of the “Saints Silouan and Sophrony” School in Huldenberg, near Leuven, Belgium. For this, a loan was taken out to buy the building and a lot of work was necessary to equip it. We were helped both by people in our parish as well as many other people of God that found out about our intention from our fundraising appeals.

In 2020 we added another step on the stairway to Heaven, by creating a high school section. Until then we could provide schooling for children between 3 and 12, but we did not want to impede their „flight”; as such Saints Silouan and Sophrony High School can now continue their education until they are 18.

In the future, new challenges lay ahead.

We need to:
• extend our current space that is currently operating at maximum capacity;
• build a gymnasium;
• create laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology;
• create a library and a study hall;

We have faith, for we know that all good and well pleasing things to God have existed in His mind since the beginning of creation. All people have to do is bring them to life, to embody them, as St Paul says. Many of the greatest achievements of human kind were able to be built by uniting multiple people around an idea, through the faith and help of those who believed in this idea.

You certainly know from your own experience, the joy of a longing fulfilled. Help the fulfillment of our longing: a school of skyward flight for children! Become fellow workers with God! Become fellow writers with Him of this love story between God and His children!

We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to support this project financially, investing in the beautiful souls of children. Please find below the banking details of our association, TRIADA, that manages the school.


Sint-Jansbergsteenweg 44, 3040 Huldenberg, Belgium

IBAN: BE50 7360 2390 5918


From us and our children, we end with the warmest thoughts of gratitude.